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Global Roasted Coffee Market is projected to reach the value of USD 65.43 Billion by 2030


(Entertainment-NewsWire.com, February 09, 2024 ) According to the latest analysis by the virtue market Global Roasted Coffee Market was valued at USD 44.39 Billion and is projected to reach a market size of USD 65.43 Billion by the end of 2030. Over the forecast period of 2024-2030, the market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7%.

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A steadfast companion on the roasted coffee market's journey is the enduring driver of global coffee culture. With roots reaching deep into the essence of daily life, the love for freshly roasted coffee has transcended generations. This long-term driver, intertwined with societal rituals and evolving preferences, propels the roasted coffee market forward. Despite the seismic impact of COVID-19 on various industries, the coffee market has shown resilience. The pandemic prompted shifts in consumer behaviors, leading to increased home consumption, a surge in e-commerce coffee purchases, and the emergence of unique coffee rituals. While the world grappled with challenges, the roasted coffee market adapted, showcasing its ability to weave into the fabric of daily life, even in times of uncertainty.

In the short term, a burst of energy surges through the roasted coffee market fueled by the evolving preferences of the modern consumer. The craving for artisanal and specialty coffee experiences is a key driver, steering enthusiasts toward unique blends and flavor profiles. This short-term trend is amplified by an increased emphasis on sustainability and ethical sourcing, prompting consumers to seek coffee options that align with their values. As the world moves at a brisk pace, the quest for distinctive coffee experiences propels the market forward, shaping the industry's narrative in the short term.

Amidst the rich aroma of roasted coffee, a golden opportunity emerges— the global trend towards health and wellness. The convergence of consumers' growing awareness of well-being and the inherent health benefits associated with coffee consumption opens a pathway for innovation. Companies in the roasted coffee market can seize this opportunity by introducing functional coffee blends, incorporating superfoods, and emphasizing organic and natural elements. This aligns with the broader societal shift towards mindful consumption, presenting a canvas of possibilities for market players to cater to health-conscious coffee aficionados.

A trend that swirls through the roasted coffee market, leaving an indelible mark, is the rise of experiential coffee consumption. Beyond the conventional cup, consumers are seeking immersive experiences, driven by a desire to savor the journey from bean to cup. From specialty coffee tastings to interactive brewing methods, the industry is witnessing a surge in experiential offerings. Coffee shops evolve into curated spaces, and home brewing becomes an art form. This trend transforms coffee into more than a beverage—it becomes a sensorial voyage, appealing to the diverse palates and preferences of a global audience.

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Market Segmentation:
By Type: Arabica, Robusta
In the global roasted coffee market, the segmentation based on type places Arabica coffee at the forefront, asserting its dominant position. Arabica, cultivated in coffee-growing regions spanning South America, Asia, and Africa, commands a substantial share, contributing to 60-70% of the world's coffee production. Renowned for its lower caffeine content and an array of taste profiles encompassing sweetness, nuttiness, and fruity notes, Arabica stands as the leading segment in the roasted coffee market. Its nuanced flavors and versatility have garnered widespread consumer appeal, solidifying Arabica's position as the largest and most favored category in the global roasted coffee landscape.

Contrasting with Arabica, Robusta coffee emerges as the fastest-growing segment in the global roasted coffee market, anticipating robust expansion during the forecast period. Grown predominantly in countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, and Vietnam, Robusta accounts for 30-40% of the global coffee production share. The anticipated growth is attributed to Robusta's distinct characteristics, including a higher caffeine content and a robust flavor profile. Notably, Robusta coffee is known for its ease of cultivation and higher yield, contributing to its accelerated growth trajectory.

By Distribution Channel: Retail Stores, Coffee Shops and Cafes, Online Retail, Others
In the dynamic landscape of the global roasted coffee market, the segmentation based on distribution channels unveils Retail Stores as the largest and most influential segment. Encompassing a diverse array of outlets such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, specialty food stores, and convenience stores, Retail Stores command a substantial market share. These brick-and-mortar establishments not only offer consumers convenient and easily accessible options but also provide curated selections and a broad range of roasted coffee products. The inclusive nature of Retail Stores, accommodating various consumer preferences, positions this segment at the forefront, shaping the retail experience for coffee enthusiasts globally.

Among the distribution channels in the global roasted coffee market, Online Retail emerges as the fastest-growing segment, poised for significant expansion in the forecast period. Factors such as convenience, a wide selection of products, direct-to-consumer (D2C) models, subscription services, and global accessibility contribute to the anticipated growth of Online Retail. The rise of e-commerce platforms has empowered consumers to explore and purchase a diverse range of roasted coffee products from the comfort of their homes. This segment reflects the evolving preferences of modern consumers seeking seamless and personalized shopping experiences.

Regional Analysis:
In the segmented landscape of the global roasted coffee market, regions play a pivotal role in shaping consumption patterns and production dynamics. South America stands out as the largest and most influential region, holding a significant position as the global leader in coffee production. Boasting an impressive 77.46 million 60 kg bags produced, South America, with Brazil as its primary contributor, has firmly established itself as the powerhouse of the coffee industry. The region's prowess extends to the cultivation of both Arabica and Robusta beans, contributing substantially to the diverse global coffee market. The lush landscapes of South America, particularly in Brazil, foster optimal conditions for coffee cultivation, making it the largest producer globally.

While South America maintains its stronghold as the largest producer, the Asia-Pacific region emerges as the fastest-growing segment concerning both production and consumption in the global roasted coffee market. In countries like India, the production of both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans contributes to the region's growing prominence. China, specifically in the Yunnan region, is making strides in Arabica coffee production, adding to the dynamic coffee landscape in Asia-Pacific. Japan and South Korea further contribute to the region's robust coffee market with well-established preferences and a burgeoning coffee culture. The growth in e-commerce platforms and the increasing accessibility of roasted coffee products contribute to the rapid expansion of coffee consumption in the Asia-Pacific region, positioning it as a key player in the evolving global coffee market.

Latest Industry Developments:
• Diversification of Product Offerings: A prevailing trend in the competitive landscape of the roasted coffee market is the strategic diversification of product offerings. Companies are expanding their portfolios beyond traditional coffee blends to include innovative and specialty variants. This diversification caters to the evolving preferences of consumers who seek unique and exotic flavor profiles. Recent developments showcase a surge in the introduction of single-origin coffee, rare bean varieties, and ethically sourced blends. By embracing this trend, companies aim to capture niche segments within the market, creating a diverse array of options that resonate with the increasingly sophisticated and discerning palates of coffee enthusiasts.

• Emphasis on Sustainable and Ethical Practices: A pronounced shift toward sustainability and ethical sourcing practices defines the strategic landscape of companies in the roasted coffee market. Recognizing the growing importance consumers place on environmental and social responsibility, companies are integrating sustainable practices into their supply chains. Recent developments highlight initiatives such as fair trade certifications, direct relationships with coffee farmers, and investments in eco-friendly packaging. This trend not only aligns with consumer values but also serves as a key differentiator for companies looking to enhance their market share. The emphasis on sustainability resonates with a conscientious consumer base, fostering brand loyalty and positive associations with companies committed to ethical coffee production.

• Online Retail and Direct-to-Consumer Models: The accelerated adoption of online retail and direct-to-consumer (D2C) models emerges as a prominent trend shaping the strategies of companies in the roasted coffee market. Recent developments indicate a robust presence of coffee brands on e-commerce platforms, offering consumers the convenience of purchasing coffee products directly. Companies are leveraging online channels not only for sales but also for building brand awareness and engaging with consumers. Subscription services, personalized recommendations, and exclusive online releases are becoming prevalent strategies. This trend caters to the changing shopping behaviors of consumers, providing a seamless and direct connection between coffee producers and enthusiasts, thereby enhancing market share through a digital avenue.

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